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The process

Serici Flores means 'beautiful flowers' or 'silky flowers' in Latin. The story starts with my wedding - I always wanted a bouquet that would not wilt after the big day, something I could keep forever. After many experiments gone wrong and some mild injuries I came up with the perfect solution - flowers made of fabric, melted over a fire and adorned with crystals.

There is always the hunt - I need to find the right fabric, usually scouring the local shops for Just The Right Shade. The material must be 100% synthetic to melt instead of burning, which always makes the buying process somewhat unpredictable.

Then, the cutting. I'm usually assisted by my cats who think I lay out the fabric solely for their enjoyment. I usually cut hundreds of petals at a time, so it's hours spent crawling all over the floor looking like Edward Scissorhands with a slight glint of madness in the eye.

Next, the melting. Best done when watching TV series, this is the most time-consuming part of the process. I carefully secure all the edges and then form the fabric so that it makes fantastic shapes. The melting isn't an exact science so every flower - every petal layer - is truly unique and no two blossoms ever turn out the same.

The gluing! For years I was afraid of the hot-glue gun, but since the adventure with Serici Flores began it became my friend... maybe not the best one, but a friend nonetheless. This is the fun part, combining design and speed since the glue dries quickly and sticks your fingers places they don't belong. Here is where it all comes together - all the layers and embellishments.

All through that I'm surrounded by the felines trying to put themselves in the middle of the action. If you're severely allergic to cats you might want to test a single flower out before commiting to a full wreath or bouquet :)