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Olga's wedding bouquet

There were two things that were extremely important to me when it came to how I looked at my wedding. The first one was the skirt - sewn by a lovely Polish seamstress from vintage Indian silk. The second one was the bouquet - and that was to be 100% my job. Naturally, I became completely obsessed.

The first idea was a brooch bouquet, which quickly turned out to be impossible to make without some supporting structure. I researched every method I could find, experimented, re-designed the bouquet completely and finally stumbled upon the method of making flowers by burning synthetic fabric that I use now.  They turned out to be much more spectacular than the brooches could've ever been.

Each blossom is made of 7-10 layers of different size and shape petals and they are adorned with a sparkly center - some of them just plain synthetic crystals, some full-on jewelry brooches with glass and stones. I used three colors of the main fabric, two shades of organza for dimension and loads of lace ribbon to make small filler flowers. Then, almost like an afterthought, came the brooches - but it was too late. The flowers already stole the show.

Being me, I couldn't stop with just the bouquet - I used the remaining fabric to make enough flowers for all my wedding guests. I swear, this part was not planned, I got so caught up in making them that suddenly there were over a hundred!

The final result was a two-tone bouquet (as you can see in the photos the underside is considerably brighter than the top) and five different shades of flower brooches. All of those became treasured keepsakes - a year later I still hear the stories about them. As for my bouquet - it sits right next to me at this very moment, making me smile and remember.

(Yes, that's a TARDIS hiding among the blossoms. The wedding wouldn't have been complete without some nerdy accents.)