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How to wear

Each flower is mounted on a flat alligator pin that doesn't snag fabric or hair. The pins are secured with an additional piece of fabric and placed slightly off-center to give you more styling options.

There are many different ways to wear them:
  • as a brooch:
  • You can safely pin the flower onto the edge of a blouse, jacket or coat; into a buttonhole or a pocket. Another idea: gather up a scarf with it. It's also a cool option for men as a quirky boutonniere.

  • as a hair pin:
    The flowers work great as hair accesories, especially pinned over your ear or at the back of your head (on a ponytail or a bun). I chose flat over jagged alligator pins specifically because I don't like sharp metal teeth on my scalp.

  • on a headband:
    My absolute favourite since I wear headbands practically everyday. Popping the flower on a piece of fabric gives you the certainty that it will stay in place until you decide to take it off. You can place the flower (or two!) on one side for an asymmetrical look or put them over your ears to get a 'Princess Leia' style.

  • as a crown (wreath):
  • If you have more flowers you can make a crown - the most comfortable option is using a headband or a scarf to place them securely. A full wreath from one ear to the other takes usually 5 or 6 standard size flowers (3-4 for a child). You can also make it work with 2-4 flowers and a matching color fabric peeking through the gaps.

    The wreath can be one or many colors, including a gradient - I even did a full rainbow in 6 flowers! If you wish to buy a full (5 or 6 blossom) wreath please contact me so we can work out a discount :)

  • on a handbag:
  • Putting a contrasting flower on your handbag body or strap can jazz up even the simplest purse.

You also have the option of adorning your home with the flowers you're not currently wearing. My favorite place is the curtain edge - they look marvellous and are easy to access. No need to put them away in a jewelry box!

There are also bouquets - one-of-a-kind keepsakes made exactly according to your wishes with full creative control over every part of the process. Only on custom order, the pricing to be worked out individually.

Many thanks to my lovely friend Ewa for modelling!